Salisbury Cathedral AbbeyWriting/Editing

Communication is vital to me. I enjoy writing and working with a team to communicate ideas and help make the world a better place. I can help you in types of disciplines, communicating your message clearly. If it is writing out technical directions or refining a work of poetry, I enjoy working corporately to improve it all. I have a diverse background that includes working in all types of projects and preparing materials for all ages. If you want to communicate your message- using the most efficient means possible, contact me soon.

Salisbury CathedralWeb Design

My special focus is helping small business owners make a basic Web site that meets the needs of their particular business. I am very sensitive to the special needs of the small business owner. Education and independence is key to keeping costs down, especially in the initial phases of establishing a business or during times of growth and new areas of focus. I am happy to design a site that is easy to maintain and update, but that is more than just a blog. I can help you to learn how to make your own updates-- or, if your time is more productive doing what YOU do best, I am happy to update information as you direct.

Support/ Marketing

Your Web site is just the beginning. Maintaining communication with your clients and contacts is key to keeping the referrals coming and expanding your business. We can work together setting up an account so you can send personalized and professional emails to your clients to inform them of upcoming events or specials that you may have. I am taking graduate level classes in research on the effectiveness of social marketing and how to optimize its use. I can share with you the latest findings from one of the top research institutions in the field.

Contact me soon for more information on a customized plan that is effective.